Join us on an educational evening focused on improving your proficiency in negotiating and effective communication techniques. Take part in a thought-provoking investigation with our special guests from Scotwork Hungary. Zoltan from his 28 years of negotiation experience, as owner and lead tutor of Scotwork will explore the fundamental ideas and tips on how to negotiate while Zsolt will help to facilitate the event and conduct the Q&A.


Detailed agenda:
  • Tittle: 20 tips for negotiators 
  • Day, Date: Tuesday, 7th of May 2024
  • Speakers: Zoltan Papp and Zsolt K. Mayer
  • Time: 17.00-19.30 
  • Room: BME K building, room K172
  • Registration Link: Here

This program is intended to provide participants with useful tactics and insightful knowledge, enabling them to improve their communication skills regardless of experience level. Through promoting a more profound understanding of negotiation dynamics, this program aims to develop skilled negotiators prepared for success in the cutthroat employment market.

Don't miss this chance to improve your skills and gain an advantage in both your personal and professional efforts.

The event will kick off with a session covering negotiation and presentation techniques, followed by a networking break with refreshments provided. Connect with fellow enthusiasts and gain invaluable strategies to navigate negotiations with finesse and confidence. Enhance your negotiation prowess - see you there!